| Saying Goodbye To Carol|

Carol has been with me for many many years. We have been through so much together. From breakups to melt downs she has stuck by my side through it all. Even though she has had a few problems along the way, Carol has always been a dependable gal. But after almost 8 years together it’s time we part ways.

Carol, if you don’t know is my car. Carol the Camaro has been my one and only car throughout my entire life. 2016 will be the year I finally buy a new car for myself.

The whole car buying thing can be a little hectic, and coming from a family of mechanics I know what makes a good car and what makes a crappy one. Here is what I think you should look for in your next car purchase.

1. Dependability
No one wants to be left on the side of your road, ever. Look up reviews on things like transmission, power train, and handling in different weather conditions.

2. Repair Expenses.
Foreign cars are all nice and well, and even may be cheaper then American made ones. However, importing parts for repairs can be costly. Finding technicians that specialize in foreign engines may also cost you more in the end. The savings upfront may not outweigh the expensive repairs you’ll have down the line.

3. Warranty
Buying from a dealer is always scary, and salesmen can be a little overbearing, but buying from a dealer can be better then a private seller. Dealerships usually offer some sort of warranty that may extended longer then the Brand warranty. This could save money on things from oil changes to tire rotation. Private sellers could be selling you a POS car that has no warranties.

4. Seats.
This seems silly to even mention, but number of seating rows is important. I’ve been driving a coupe for many years and have wanted a four door SUV for so long because I have LITERALLY NO ROOM. If you’re planning to have a family soonish you may consider a small suv as opposed to a two door sports car you’re dying for. It’s called planning for the future people.

5. KBB
Kelly blue book is basically the bible for car buying. If you think you’re getting a steal, you should see what others are buying. Think your new car is gonna be great, KBB could tell you that your car is going to break down after the first oil change. Since they are an independent they are completely unbiased in the terms of brand loyalty. It’s a invaluable resource for practically all car needs.

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