How Your New Years Resolutions Affect Others

It’s that time of year again where everyone is planning the new resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether it is to get in shape, quit smoking, or to take crazy adventures we have all made one of these at one point or another. Many people start on their goals and fail shortly after the ball drops.

For the rare few who stick to their goals for more then a week, it can change the dynamic of their closest friends and family, Here is how:


If your goal is to lose weight or get back in the gym, your resolution effects every person who has been going to the gym for all the months leading up to the holidays. Not only does it make the gym more crowded, it limits the exercises everyone can do. Less equipment means more standing around. This can discourage some first time gym goers and make them feel self conscious, leading to them not coming back.

We all have tried this one. My friends and family bond over our mutual love of food. If one of my friends can’t go out to eat cause they are eating better, it means less time I get to spend with them, less bonding time, and less crazy memories. Considering the average person eats our about four times a week, that is four less chances a week to see your friends and loved ones.

Have you ever been around someone who is trying to quit smoking? They are just not nice. This can lead to snapping and being mean to those around you. If you try to quit drinking, this may cause a problem like eating healthy. You may not go out, leading to less social time with friends. It can lead one to feeling isolated and sad, not to mention bored.

Moral of the story; stay fat and drunk!

Only kidding, but seriously. If you are waiting for a specific day to change you’re probably not going to stick to it for very long. Don’t wait until the ball drops, start now people.

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