Ultimate #RelationshipGoals |Chip & Joanna Gains|


If you’re anything like me, you daydream about your future house what style you want. Do you want and awning or a pergola over your infinity pool? What modern lines or industrial mix or wood and metal?! This leads me to watching endless hours of HGTV. My favorite show on there is Fixer Upper. A show where the host  take Texas locals and helps them buy a house and completely transform it, within their budget.

The host of this show are a married couple, Chip and Joanna Gains. They are the epitome of a wonderful God loving relationship. They have four kids, countless animals on their farm, own many successful businesses like Magnolia Market, and have so much fun it makes my heart hurt. They always a credit their success and drive to the Lord, yet don’t come off as bible thumpers. They collaborate in all decision making together, as equals which is probably why they are so successful.

They are always laughing and joking around, which is hard to do when you work with your spouse. Chip is honestly so goofy, poor Joanna has her hands full with him. At times when things get tense they always seem so level headed and calm. Not to mention they are a great team, that always incorporates theirs kids help adding the final touches to all their homes.

They have great design style. Always striving to preserve the character and integrity of each home they do, the industrial farmhouse motif really works for them. Even though I am not a huge fan of the white cabinets they use in almost every kitchen they redo, they always make every room unique yet cohesive.

I personally think watching this show for one episode you cannot help but fall in love with not only their work, but them as people. If you get the time and want some decorating, constriction, or relationship inspiration, go watch Fixer Upper on HGTV.

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