A Virtual Letter To Adele

Dear Adele aka Queen Bee

I was so excited to have the oppurtunity to see you in concert in Atlanta next October. The thought of being in the same arena as you made me smile from ear to ear. What did not however, was the fact that all your tickets got sold to online dealers ( stubhub, Tickmaster etc). Ya know us normal people are the ones who refreshed the page for hours waiting for our seat selection to come up, not some automated machine that just sucked all the seats away. That does not seem fair does it? What is worse is these online ticket markets are selling them for so much, I can not even afford to sit outside the arena and hear your voice from the speakers, let alone see you actually sing. $3000 for nosebleed seats are you kidding me? You should be outraged that your loyal fans, who had saved all their Christmas money to get tickets, were cheated out of the chance to see you by some companies who only care about their pockets getting fat.

I was hesitant to go to your concert anyway. One because Crowds and the fact that your music is not the typical party stuff people like to see live. I mean you are the queen of convicting emotions, I was worried I would end up being a weeping mess on the floor, but I would have toughed it out for you. I would have gladly shared tissues with the stranger next to me as we belted out your lyrics to songs from your various albums, but sadly that wont happen for me. I guess I can watch your music videos and pretend I am there, in Phllip’s with you.

So Adele, I wont be saying Hello  to you in Atlanta next year, but ya know I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…… Guess not.

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