8 Words That Should Die Along With 2015

Humans never seem to amaze me at the weird words they can make popular. I swear some people, burp and BOOM new word. There are the 15 words/phrases that should end with 2015.

  1. Bae

You do realize this is Danish for poop, right? So no you are not being sweet ( before anyone else), you’re literally calling someone crap.

2. Netflix and Chill

If you want to have sex with someone, do not drag Netflix into it, and ruin the viewing experience for the rest of us. Sickos.

3. Turnt

Please God let this one go. This was popular in like…. 2013 and still has not died. If you want to get drunk, just say so because you sound like a F**KBoy You are not lil Jon, relax.

4. On Fleek

Dude, stop. Your eyebrows look good, but we can tell you were not born that way, Thank Ling-Ming and  Anastasia for you ” fleekness”.

5. Dabbin

Pretty sure dabbin is a way to smoke weed, from a dab. This is not a dance, it is putting your nose in your elbow. Stop the madness.

6. Literally

Who knew this word would turn into a form of measuring this year! How tired are you? Literally.

7. Lit

We get it, you’re high. You don’t have to try to make it sound cool and like it isn’t illegal.

8. “Politically Correct”

What does this even mean anymore. Everything offends someone so you can never not offend anyone. I could say purple spotted elephant and someone would call me a murderer and sick PETA on me.

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