I Have A Bone To Pick

Is there anything more terrifying the driving behind a car with a ladder strapped to the top? More specifically, a white van, no windows with MULTIPLE ladders on top, being held by maybe one bungee cord. Since coming to Atlanta I noticed these death traps are literally everywhere. The drivers usually drive like MORONS too.

I understand you probably need a ladder to do your job, but could ya not use some other cords to hold them down? What is preventing them from being stored in the back of the van? Do you also have to whip in and out of traffic, fly over speed bumps, and slam on breaks when your on way to work? I feel like I am going to have a final destination moment every time I am near these vans. I have seen so many ladders fall off driving down 285 in the mornings and it is scary. Once I even saw one go through someones windshield. NO SAFE DUDE.

They also give me the creeps. Like why do you not have windows. Safety reasons aside, are you trying to hide something? What sorts of things are back there? Better yet, how many people are back there. My apartment complex is re-doing all of the roofs so there are a lot of workers. The amount of dudes that pile out of one of those vans is comical. It’s like Jose’s clown car every time they pull up.

Bottom line; get some more cables, bungee cords, ropes etc. Then drive slower, obey the speed limits/ traffic laws, don’t cut me off in traffic, and speed bumps are used to slow you down not to launch your ladders into the air.

Love and concerned citizen.

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