2015 is the year I really started paying attention to other relationships. Not because I am jealous or insecure, I just honestly love seeing people in love. It makes me so incredibly happy and perhaps gives me a chance to learn something I can apply to my own. By default celebrities have their buissness out for the world to see, so I have formed an opinion on some of the wonderful relationships I have witness on TV or the news. Here are my top 3 relationships of the year that give me serious feels.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Gregory


UH so many feels. These two are crazy about each other. Lauren has stuck by Thomas since the two were in college and she is one lucky lady. Their instagrams of each others seemingly normal lives are something we can all relate too, but Thomas wrote Die a Happy Man  about Lauren and even featured her in the video. Talk about perfect.

Bonnie Kate Zoghbi and Max Zoghbi


You may have never heard of these two, but I certainly love them. Bonnie Kate is one of the survivors of the Batman shooting in Aurora and the most free spirited flower child I’ve ever seen. Max has stuck by her side through countless surgeries on her legs and helps her deal with the daily struggle of living with the injuries she suffered. These two have the sweetest most God centered relationship I have seen in awhile, and their wedding VIDEO is swoon worthy and will bring you to tears.  When they pray together before their wedding I loose it, SERIOUSLY GO WATCH IT.

Mary Kate Robinson and John Luke Robinson


These two may be young and on TV, but they have a very true marriage. They are both so focused on God it oozes into every aspect of their lives. The way they look at each other lets you know God is heavily involved in their relationships. For being only 20 they can teach you a lot about pursuing God in and out of your marriage.

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