|Taking The Plunge|

About three weeks ago I was baptized. It was the most wonderful, scary, overwhelming experience of my life. The whole process made me have some highs and lows. From writing my testimony, to recording it, it was a lot of emotion going on.

Getting baptized also made me face some emotions I had been burying for awhile. I had to take a look back at the rough psrts of my journey which was difficult, but I realized that God was there the entire time.

When I got to church I had to go up to the baptistry where I was briefed on how the service would go down, and what my role in it all was.

Backstage we prayed,alot, and I was in tears the entire time worship was going on. When it was my voice I heard over the speakers I got so nervous. Telling your story in front of thousands of people is overwhelming. Would they judge me? Did I explain things  enough!? Did I really cry that much? It was a lot.

But the second I got into the water and Adam started talking about my story I felt like God was there holding my hand. I can’t even remember what was said or the whole ordeal, I just remember the sense of peace that washed over me, figuratively and literally.

Ever since that morning I’ve felt very different. Not in a bad way of course, just different. I feel like I’m seeing the world with a whole new perspective. Doesn’t mean I don’t have struggles with insecurities or anxiety from time to time, I just know that God is with me the entire time.

If you ever consider getting baptized I highly suggest you do. It was a wonderful experience.

If you would like to watch my video and hear my testimony it is linked below.



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