Cooking Experiment

This weekend the BF and I decide to get a little crafty in the kitchen.He likes to eat healthy, while I’m kinda into whatever is easiest. We decided to make stuffed bell peppers and it was surprisingly delicious and easy.

We agreed to make deer meat, rice, cheese, and peppers for our pepper, filling.

The deer we got from my parents house, cause hello, free.  I made white rice in the oven, using the recipe HERE. I guarantee its the best white rice you’ve ever had. While that was baking we ground up the venison and cored the peppers.

We cut a little extra pepper when coring it to mince and throw into the filling.

After the meat and rice were ready we stuff the peppers and baked them at 375 for about 30 minutes. Last five minutes we sprinkled cheese on top so it would be nice and bubbly.

I also made some quick brocolli on the stove since babe likes it, unlike myself.



Overall the peppers were so good. We got red and orange ones since they have the most nutrients and flavor. Never had them before but definetly would make them again.

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