Not Yet In The Christmas Spirit

Looking around I feel like the North pole has thrown up all around me. All my neighbors have lights up and ya can’t turn on the radio without Rudolph and his gang of reindeer smacking you in the face. Honestly though I am not in the Christmas spirit at all. No amount of candy canes and peppermint mocha is gonna change it, it seems.

Not sure if its because this is my first Christmas living alone, or if my brain still thinks its Halloween, but I’m not in it at all. I put up my tree a couple weeks ago, in hopes of getting a little festive,but that was a failure.It is a whole new experience when you have to prepare and decorate and live on your own. No one to watch the Grinch with, no one to build a gingerbread house with. Though Charlie likes to help by licking all the icing and booping the bum drops.

I think this year has gone by so fast my brain can’t comprehend its almost over. Pile on all the bills I’m dealing with, attempting to buy presents on a tiny budget, and working 40+ hours a week I am over it.


I am searching for ways to cheer myself up and apparently failing miserably. However I think I have a few saving graces to boost my holiday cheer. Half the presents I’ve purchased aren’t even here yet, so I’m thinking once they get here and I can wrap them I’ll get more festive. I love buying presents so I think I’ll actually go physically buy some this weekend for friends and family. I also get to do some holiday volunteering this weekend with my small group at City Of Refuge, decorating their campus. I am so excited for that I may even wear a tacky sweater to do it in! I also get to help my boss decorate the shop, which I love doing also.

How do I get out of this slump? How do I get to be the anti-scrooge I usually am? This is something I’ll have to update you on later because as of late I’ve yet to find the answer.

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