3 Underrated Body Parts You Should Be Working Out

Just like anything in life, there are muscles that get more attention then others. You always hear about rock hard abs or girls with glutes you would have to squat all day to achieve, but there are some muscles that never get any attention. Sure they may not be well known to people who don’t lift very often, but they can really round out a physique wether you’re trying to get fit or if you are a competition lifter. Try working these areas out and see how they can transform your look.



I know I know, Kiley these aren’t as important as glutes. WRONG.  Hamstrings are a series of three smaller muscles that wrap from your inner thigh to the outer thigh. If you want to build a better backside you need to pay attention to this group of muscles. You always hear about squatting to build the ever coveted glutes, but most women have trouble areas on the backs of their legs in the hamstring region, as opposed to the actual glute. To banish cellulite on this area, a squat isn’t going to help much. Deadlifts, lying leg curls, and weighted good mornings will help tighten up this area. Having built hamstrings will actually make your overall leg/butt appearance look better and more athletic .

Deltoids aka Delts

The deltoids are the muscle that runs on the top of your shoulder down your arm. I know personally I never worked out shoulders until recently but building this muscle has impacted the build of my arms dramatically. Doing side or front raises with dumbells can build these bad boys up fast. Though go light on the weight, you want to be able to control to dumbells as opposed to throwing them around, which can cause some pain.


Women seem to never want to workout chest, but it is actually so good for you. Working out your pecs as a girl, seems to be taboo and I’ve never understood why. Working out your chest has a ton of benefits like, lifting your boobs, making your neck/clavicle seems slimmer, and thinning out the area around your arm pits. Try doing some cable flys or do a little bench press to see what a difference paying attention to this neglected area can do.

Hitting these areas can feel foreign, and you will feel obnoxiously sore afterwards, but hitting such important muscle groups that are commonly neglected can help your body so much. Give it a try and let me know how you feel after.


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