Ode To Mark Richt: A Poem

In the wake of learning ole Marky won’t be a bulldog any longer I thought I would write him a tribute poem.

Oh Mark, however could you leave?
Give me a sec while I wipe the tears with my sleeve.
Fifteen years you’ve been a damn good dawg.
Leading the team through the swamp and the fog.
Turning the once thugs into real cool dudes.
Talk about changing some major attitudes.
Kirby Smart, you’ve got to be joking.
He’s been in Alabama  sucking it up and choking.
I digress, he isn’t  actually that bad.
but he isn’t you Mark, your like a UGA dad.
Who else could get a player with talent like Gurley?
A dude that saved Georgia when things got Squirley.
I realize this season we got very few dubs ( W’s)
With the injury of star running back Nicholas Chubb.
Doesn’t mean you should be getting the boot.
Just put all the negative commentators on mute.
Mark the sunshine state just is not for you!
Orange, green, and white tell me it isn’t true!
Sanford will always be your one true arena
Not some stadium that’s near an ocean front marina.
The South Eastern Conference will never be the same
Without the coach with Richt as his last name.
Commit to the “G” is what you asked us to do
but this whole time, we were truly commited to you.
Wherever you end up you have our support
That’s what happens when you coach a D1 level sport.
You taught us that sports are more then just wins
Just look at the guys you’ve transformed into men.
A sincere thank you for your coaching skills
Touch downs and championships talk about thrills.
One last bowl game you get to see us through
Before mean old McGarity tells you to shoo.
But never forget Athens will always welcome you
Until next time Mark, we bid you a due.

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