Workout Jamz

Having good music to workout to is almost as important as the gym itself. If you do not have music that motivates you to workout, your workout is all but pointless. Those people who workout with no headphones, must be magicians or something because I am not sure how they do it. For me I have different music for what I am doing, so my cardio music is different then when I am lifting weights.

I personally love pandora, but sometime it is not reliable on  giving me the particular songs I want to hear. Sites and apps like Sound Cloud and Spotify are great because you can build your own playlist, as well as discover tons of new artist. I highly suggest giving both apps a look.

For Lifting Weights

I really enjoy listening to rap and hip hop when lifting weights. I think the beats give me a rythm to work too. Plus half the lyrics are so hard to understand I am not singing along to the words. I try to stay away from older rap and hip hop, because those lyrics and songs are just so much better in general, I end up singing along to them ( Circa early 2000’s). Artist like Wiz Khalifa,Future, Tyga, Kehlani, Fetty Wap, and Travis Scott are prime examples of what I listen to. A few of my favorites are listed below.


Blasé – Ty Dolla $ign

Antidote – Travis Scott

Real Sisters- Future

Molly – Tyga Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Blow A Bag – Future

Cardio Or HITT Training

When I am doing cardio or something where my heart rate is up I really enjoy listening to rock or alternative music. Bands like Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, Killswitch Engage, or Five Finger Death Punch get me in the zone to get my heart rate up, and smash some things.Below are some of my favorites.

Holy Diver- Killswitch Engage

Wrong SIde Of Heaven – FIve Finger Death Punch

Regret Not – All That Remains

Warrior’s Call – Volbeat

Failure- Breaking Benjamin

So what sort of music do you like to listen too? I guess music is a very personal thing and can change over time. I use to workout listening to country music to keep me relaxed, and honestly I am not sure how I did that for so long. If you have any workout music stations or songs you enjoy let me know below!

–XOXO Kiley

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