Humans Are Annoying Beings

We all have pet peeves, but for some of us there are things that people do that instantly make us (me) not want to be around you. It’s not on purpose, but in my previous experience people who do these things, I usually don’t end up liking anyway. So here are a few ways to make me instantly dislike you.


1. People who don’t work complaining they are tired.

2. People who complain about their body, but refuse to do anything about it.

3. When people step on my heel/foot .

4. People who push their buggies slow in Target.

5. When people don’t have any sense of urgency.

6. When stores (TARGET IM LOOKING AT YOU) have one check out open and the rest of the employees are standing around shooting the breeze.

7. When waiters hand the guy a check, I’m capable of taking my man out on a date Thank you very much.

8. When people ask me not to call them ma’am.( I’m trying to be polite, dude).

9. People who ride with their blinkers on, for miles.

10. When I go to write with a pen, and its out of ink or needs to be scratched on paper until it’s resurrected.

11. When people stand too close to me in line.

12. When someone calls you, and then forgets what they are going to ask/say.

13. When people act like they discovered a song first. ( simmer down we get it you totally heard this song like 5 months ago online).

14. When my eyebrow pencil runs out, mid-brow.

15. When my mascara refuses to not be clumpy.

16. Double standards at the gym.

17. People who leave their laundry in the communal washing machine/ dryer, once their cycle is over.

18. Indecisiveness

19. Late People.

20. People who are rude to someone, for zero reason.

The list could go on and on. Basically humans are annoying end of story.

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