Finding Your Person

Meredith Grey and Christian Yang made the phrase famous early on in Greys Anatomy, but what does it mean to have a person? Through the ups and downs of friendship I can honestly say what I think makes someone that person for you.

Complete Transparency
It’s hard to be 100% honest with your friends, but if you have a person you know they will tell you how it is. Your person won’t ever lie to you or sugar coat things for you. You also know they are telling you the truth from a loving place, and not intentionally hurting you.

You Would Kill For Them
…. Then they would help you drag the body across the living room floor. If anyone messes with them, you automatically don’t like he or she. You also go flying in to defend your person no matter the cost.

You Don’t Need To Talk All The Time.
Your person has a life of their own, that doesn’t involve you. You two can go spans of time without talking, and know if you pick up the phone and call them, things will pick up right where they left off. Even if that person moves to Europe to take over their own medical practice.

There Is A Void When You Argue
Who do you go talk to when you and your person fight? That’s who you always turn too to discuss your drama or how dumb the interns are! You realize that not talking to them isn’t worth you even attempting to vent to anyone else.

Just like Meredith and Yang, once you find someone who fits your person criteria, that’s it.  Finding them can be a long are tiring struggle and you may not even realize they are that important to you at times. But the second they are MIA you miss them and the gossip they bring.


PS. Bring Yang back,Rhonda!

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