Stop Wearing Glorified SlutWear

I’m not exactly sure when wanting to show as much skin as possible became a thing, but it needs to stop. I’m so tired of seeing 13 and 14 year old girls look like they just stepped out of the club or bar. Showing your butt or tons of cleavage isnt cute, and doesn’t get you the kinda looks any respectable woman wants. When did looking to dress like the Kardashians become cool? If you dress like a ‘Hooch you are sending off a horrible message that probably makes people have some sort of negative opinion about you.


You’re Probably A Slut
If you dress like a street walker its only common sense people are gonna think you’re easy or a whore. Why else would you be showing off so much skin?

You Don’t Need To Be Respected
I mean you clearly don’t respect your body, so why should anyone else? You are setting yourself up for cat calls and men trying to grab you. No very respectable huh?

You’re Probably Stupid
Sluts don’t have brains right? Oh duh, that’s why they show so much skin, to get your attention because they have nothing interesting to say. People are automatically going to think you aren’t intellectual or worth a in depth conversation with.

You Probably Have Daddy Issues
It’s no surprise that most women who seek attention by dressing scantily, have home issues. Maybe your parents are divorced, or you daddy didn’t love you. Whatever it is, you’re opening up yourself to men preying on your issues and exploiting them.

You Need A Man To Take Care Of You
No independent hard working woman dresses like that right?! Oh wait. Strippers doy. Dressing this way makes people think you’re looking for a sugar daddy or someone to depend on financially.

You Leave Nothing To The Imagination
No man really wants a woman who puts all her goods out there for everyone to see. They may want you for a night, but that’s it. Putting your body At the forefront distracts from any other quality you have going for you. Leave something to the imagination ladies!!!

Basically girls and woman need to start dressing modestly again. I’m not talking about hijab coverage, but wear some clothes that fit, that aren’t two sizes to small. Have some self respect. If you wouldn’t wear it in front of your parents, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it.

So ladies please put some clothes on, cause you’re worth so much more then what you’re gonna get.

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