I’m A Christian Who Doesn’t Care About Starbucks Cups.

In recent news people, apparently Christians, are all up in arms about Starbucks removing Christmas references from their beloved holiday cups. Honestly WHO CARES?!

Starbucks has never been, nor will ever be a Christian based company. With its network of over 21,000 stores in 66 countries how could they be?

The protestors that are making a big fuss about not having Christmas decorations are completely ignoring what Christmas is about, Jesus Christ being born. It’s not about having a cup with snowflakes, Holly, Presents, or even Santa Claus. If that is your idea of Christmas, you shouldn’t really call yourself a Christian to begin with.

I don’t need some dinky holiday cup to promote the reason for the season. I can and will go out spreading the Christmas story to all that will listen. That does more good then spending $6.50 on a cup of over priced sugary coffee. And FYI if you did your research you can see they started phasing Christmas connotations out slowly over the years.

Christians are already being bashed for their sometimes outlandish ways, which those outliers don’t represent the rest of us. Why give main stream media another reason to go ” those psycho Christians are at it again”. Ya don’t see any other religion complaining cause there isn’t a manora or dreidel on their cups. Starbucks cups are still holiday themed considering they are red and green aka Christmas colors.

If you need a reason to not like Starbucks, I advise you choose something other then their cups. If you don’t like their day to day operations or liberal political views that is a justified reason to not support them. Attacking a company like this makes you look ignorant and uneducated in the subject to which you are supposedly protesting.

So a plea to all Christians, stop making a big deal about some stupid cups. You’re just giving a already too large company free publicity and making supports go spend even more money there.

Oh and dont tell them your name is merry Christmas, you look like a moron.


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