Liberals Are Better Then Republicans & Here Is Why

Ever wonder what it takes to have a liberal mentality?! Keep reading and I’ll walk you through it, Don’t worry I made it easy for you, because liberals like to just hand out things on the regular. We are just so generous, we know.


1. Offending Others
Ya see as a liberal you get sort of a free pass, to offend as many people as you want, without getting any sort of backlash. Also you get to call offense on whomever you want, whenever the urge arises. By doing so you instantly bring shame to that person, because you’re only pointing out that they are so utterly wrong.

2. Helping Others.
Liberals love to give other people’s things away, especially tax payers money. See someone in need? Why not give them free everything! Why shouldn’t we all be entitled to everything everyone else has? Unless you’re one of those people who have a “job” and pay “taxes”. Liberals are opposed to those people, because working hard is icky.

3. Supporting Other Cultures
Liberals love all sorts of people, from all corners of the globe. They also support all mindsets,opinions, and lifestyles unless you are white, straight, and republican. You can be any three of those things, but not all at once. Silly. Oh and we also don’t support any black men from the ghetto, from a single mother, who went on to be a surgeon. Those guys are just show off dummy-headed bigot’s!

4. Immigration
The United States of America is a safe haven for all who want to be here, duh. Don’t have a job, housing, health care, or education?! Don’t worry come here and all the tax payers will pay for you to live, but only until you get on your feet…. Or die. Whichever comes first. Oh and bring all your kids! We love supporting those little munchkins.

5. Language Barriers.
How bullheaded of republicans to EXPECT everyone in America to know English! Talk about close minded. Liberals think you shouldn’t have too, unless you want too. If you make the choice not to learn English, don’t worry we will adjust our ways of life to accommodate you. If people (Republicans) don’t adjust their ways to make you feel welcomed, it only shows how racist they are!

6. Who Needs Guns?
Liberals feel that guns and baring arms is totally uncalled for and not necessary. If we just took everyone’s weapons away, the bad guys would no longer have them either. Only police officers and other law enforcement would have them. Talk about safety! Also our military would no longer be around, because without guns other countries know we are not trying to hurt them anymore, so they will leave us alone in return!

7. Taking From The Rich
We as liberals feel its necessary to make everyone equal, as to not hurt peoples feelings. Poor people feel inadequate because they have nothing, so we need to be vigilant about taking as much from the rich as possible. It’s not fair they “work hard” at their jobs and have access to more money, when our minimum wage job only pays $15 an hour!

8. Death to the Death Penalty
Killing people for murdering or raping others is not gonna teach them their lesson! This country has no debt and all the money on earth, so we can afford to keep them alive forever. Let’s make them spend the rest of their lives in prison, with 3 hot meals a day so they can think about what they have done!That’ll teach them!

9. BOOO Republicans
Republicans are icky and gross. They believe it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and family. Umm hello its not my fault I can’t be responsible for myself. They also believe “God” and religion are important and that we should all base our lives off of this thing called the “bible”. They think we should all pay taxes, get our own health care, have guns, and that only straight people should get married. What BIGOT’S they are.


If you cant tell this is sarcasm, you may be a liberal. Basically liberals suck, their mind sets suck, policies suck, and they are bringing down the country. If you are one, please exit our country and go spread your vile elsewhere.

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