Reasons To Uproot Your Life

When I decided to move to Atlanta is was a very scary decision. I knew I’d lived there once and didn’t like it. I don’t know anyone. I’ll live by myself and how on earth can I pay bills not in a college town. All these things plus many more doubt bumped around my head until I realized it was a once in a lifetime decision.

1. You won’t ever be able to again.
This was a huge factor for me. Once I’m married or have kids I can’t just decide to move because I feel like it. I can’t just quit my job and move for a new one ever again. If you are in a rut at work, or just plain hate it, why not look at different avenues, even if they are far away?

2. Pushes you WAY out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes I’m guilty of settling for a mediocre life. Everything is fine, my life is fine, my house is fine, my friend group is fine, why change it up?! Life memories and experience are made when you get the courage to completely abandon your comfort zone.

3. Test what you’re made of.
I had no idea if I would be able to handle the responsibilities of moving across the state alone, let alone paying bills. College town bills are not real life, there is no such thing as “all inclusive” apartments in the real world.

4. Total independence.

When I decided to move I didn’t even tell my parents I was, I kinda just did it. I knew I was capable of doing it, I just didn’t want anyone to know until I had my crap handled. From finding a place to live to getting signed up for insurance, cable/ internet, electricity, gas, and water it was all on my shoulders. The real world folk don’t always have mommy and daddy to help them.

5. It’s the best decision you’ll make to date.

Moving across the state to live completely alone has been one of the hardest and most rewarding times of my life. I didn’t realize how much I hated Statesboro until I finally got out and experienced what real living was all about. Finally being able to do post college things has been wonderful and I can truely say I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m talking about my work makes me happy, my family sees me doing well, and I truely believe I have been molded into a pretty cool gal through the adversities that come along with it.

So are you in a rut? Is moving a possible option, because if you look into it and start planning for it, you’ll be surprised how utterly terrified and rewarding it is.


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