I think everyone in the SEC looks forward to this game regardless of their team. This year the game has a little bit more on the line then old fashion hate. If Georgia wins they tie the score up for the SEC east, and if Florida wins, well the east is pretty much locked up. Here are a few predictions I have of my own.

1. Whichever QB shows up mentally will win.

Its no secret both teams have lost major offensive players this year. With Georgia’s seemingly inexperienced QB I think Florida has the advantage unless Grayson Lambert can pull off another performance like he did against south Caroline. Otherwise he is likely to not have an outstanding game and likely to buckle under pressure. Florida’s QB has excellent rushing skills and speed. He alone has ran for 4 touchdowns this season. Unless Lambert shows up, Florida has the advantage.

2. Georgia’s Running Backs will shine.

Since the passing game seems to be hit of miss for Georgia, the running backs are going to have lots of opportunities to make big runs. Sony Michel especially will fill Nick Chubb’s shoes. Hopefully the reliance on him won’t tire them out to the point of getting sloppy.

3. This game has high scoring potentials.

Both teams have stout defenses, but if the offenses are meshing well the scoring potential can be out the charts.

4. Florida should win this game.

Coming off a huge loss to LSU,Florida still have title winning power and momentum. Coming in ranked at 11, while Georgia comes in un-ranked after some huge losses this season, Florida has the momentum in their favor.

5. Georgia has streak breaking momentum.

Last game Georgia played they snapped their 2 game loosing streak. Clawing their win with three field goals wasn’t pretty but they got the job done. They also had last week off and got down to Jacksonville a day earlier then scheduled. Mix the extra rest and coming back from a loosing streak may play into Georgia’s favor.

So who do you want to win? What do you think will happen? Let me know down below. Oh and GO DAWGS.

–XOXO Kiley

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