8 Signs You’re a Twenty Something Who Has Embraced Adulthood

We all have to grow up sometime right?! Some of us have a smooth transition who very few bumps in the road, while some of us grow up kicking and screaming(No judgment if you’re the lather.)

So how do you know when you have finally transition into s full blown almost adult!!

1. Do you own a drying rack?!
Whether it is for dishes or laundry, drying racks are staples in adult homes. I know I personally try to hand wash clothes instead of paying $5 to wash a load of laundry. I also hand wash dishes instead of running the dish washer so much.


2. Do you know how to load a dishwasher properly?!

Pretty sure this is a talent you can only possess by performing voodoo. I stink At this and usually just sling things in a rack all chaotically.

3. Do you own a crock pot?

Holy cow the crock pot is the epitome of fancy adulthood. Cooking without doing anything of the work or baby sitting a meal for hours! I think not. Crock pots let you eat good meals without actually having to technically cook anything my mom just gave me a little one since I love alone and its fantastic. Buy one.

4. Do you have your bills in a filing system?

I use to laugh when people had their bills in a filing system, but it is actually so smart. Have all your months worth of expenses in an organized system, yes please. I have an accordion style folder with labels for my individual revolving bills, as well as spaces for unexpected bills.

5. Do you have a coffee creamer stockpile?

Adults have coffee in their veins right? So who doesn’t need lots of variety’s of creamer to match the weather or mood. I personally buy three or four at a time, because I never wanna run out.

6. Do you get excited buying throw pillows?

Decorative throw pillows. They serve no purpose, yet we all love them. End of story.

7. Do you have a designated broom closet?

You have to have somewhere to put your broom, swiffer, vaccume, and dust pans right?! Best to have them in a central location right?!

8. Do you own house slippers?

The ultimate sign of embraced adulthood, also arguably the most cozy and unflattering. I love that they keep my feet warm and soften my footsteps so my below neighbor doesn’t hate my guts. Faux fur optional.

And there you have it folks. Are you transitioning well, or are you not ready to not be a kid snymore?!?

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