Oh Marky, Mark

There has been a lot of talk about whether it is time for UGA to find a new head football coach, replacing Mark Richt after 14 1/2 seasons. My opinion is a torn one.

On one hand I really like him as not only a coach, but a human being. I think his values and faith have really helped him transform the players at Georgia, without being as blatant as Tebow . A few years ago the team was always in trouble with drugs or acting out at bars, frankly they were a bunch of thugs. I think Mark has really laid into them the importance of being a good role model and has molded them into men.


I agree having a team where players and coaching have nice morals and are good human beings, is a phenomional accomplishment. That doesn’t mean we will win football games. Coaching staffs and players who don’t necessarily have a moral high ground are usually willing to do the necessary things to win. Things Georgia may not do because of moral conflicts. So which outweighs more: good ethics or winning football games?!

Well considering Mark is there to win championships, which hasn’t happened in a while, I would say winning games. Every year UGA is predicted to steamroll teams and seems to always produce lackluster performance when it is crunch time. Our players are top level players that can perform the plays, the problem is the coaching staff telling them what to do. I have also noticed that Mark no longer lets the team go full out. Seems like they don’t hit as hard, or do the risky plays anymore. Playing timidly doesn’t produce off the chart stats.

I think Mark is a great coach and guy. He has some phenomenal seasons and produced great NFL level players. I just think for UGA he may have hit his stride a long time ago. I think the rest of this season will really show what he is made of. Georgia plays Missouri who is also 4-2 tomorrow at 7:30 on the SEC network.

What is your opinion on his performance this season and do you think he has maxed out his effectiveness at Georgia?!


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