My Baptism


The time is come to announce that I finally have my baptism date and time all scheduled. November 22nd at 9am!!! I am so incredibly excited, nervous and anxious. I submitted my testimony today and it was honestly so hard to do. At NPCC you have 300 words to explain how you came to know Christ. 300 words that’s it. I could write novels about the changes in my life, how much better life is, and I could spend all day thanking people.

So next step is going in to record the video testimony that will play to the church. That is going to be extremely hard for me, considering I am a crier! How could I not get emotional when talking about my journey and how crappy some aspects of my life were, and how they are so much better now.

After the video is recorded they edit it, and then play it to the church the morning of my baptism, while I am getting set in the tank of water. I am so happy NPCC has a section front and center they reserve for friends and family of mine so they can see it perfectly. I am so excited that the ball is finally rolling on this whole process!

If you would like to come just let me know so I can save you a seat! If you can’t make it in person the 9am service will be broadcasted online live, and you can watch it in real time.

If you have any tips on how to record my video without
being a hot mess, feel free to leave them below!

–XOXO Kiley

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