Football Fans Need A Reality Check

For me fall time is all about football, Georgia football to be specific. Like many UGA fans we were devastated not only by the loss to Tennessee this past Saturday, after blowing a 21 point lead, but the loss of star running back Nick Chubb on the first play of scrimmage.
Nick Chubb Update

Seeing him get carted off the field my first reaction was, ” oh crap we (as in UGA) are screwed”. Meaning I was more worried about the loss of the game as opposed to the health of one of the players. What’s worse is seeing Tennessee fans cheering at the realization that Chubb was not going to be a threat to them this game. When did we turn into fans that cheered for the other teams players getting injuries?!


Instantly it reminded me of my college sports days when I got hurt, and the reality I may never play again, or to the caliber I once was, was overwhelming. I understand us being fans want our team to win, but hoping young guys get hurt so we can get ahead, is disgusting. I feel like the whole football community needs to support one another as opposed to rooting for tearing of ligaments or blown ACL’s.

UGA staff have really stepped this concept when they played southern university, three weeks ago. The game resulted in one player being left paralyzed on the field. After the injury happen UGA coaching staff flew Devon Gale’s family out to Athens to be with their son as he underwent surgery that gave him feeling back from the waist up. He still hasnt recovered feeling in his lower half. But it wasn’t only the staff that supported the player. The UGA community outpoured money, food, and prayers for the whole southern university family.

UGA Outpouring To Injured Player

Acts like this go seemingly unnoticed because instead of wanting to support players from all facets, we root for the hard hits, the blind sides, and the tackles that leave players breathless and injured. 

Next time your team is playing their rival, pay attention to what you hope happens to the opposing players, because after all they are all human beings, and someone’s kids.


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