Living With It

For some of you that know me, you know I always have migraines. Not talking about normal head pain, but chronic pain atleast 20 days out of the month. Been on numerous medicines, tried all the remedies to fix it from diet to getting glasses. Nothing works.

So what does it feel like. As I’m currently typing I have a migraine so what better time to describe what it feels like then right now?! Here is a diagram of some of the pain you can experience but this does not even scratch the surface.

Currently I feel like the inside of my head is on fire and melting. I also feel like my head is a balloon that’s blowing up more and more by the minute. I feel like my eyebrows are heavy and drooping down cause i can’t muster the strength to hold them up. Also when I hear noise or the light changes I feel like someone is nailing into my eyes and ears. And moving? Thats not an option because I feel so woozy and off balance. Talking and concentrating are hard also since it hurts where my teeth meet my gums, which is inconvenient since I had to work today which required talking to customers.

Basically having this sort of pain is a literal pain in the butt. When people ask me if I’ve tried this and that to fix it, I wanna just smack them. LIKE OBVIOUSLY. If you have any non-main stream methods to ease the pain or preventative measures let me know.


One thought on “Living With It

  1. Marcy Pleu Lunell says:

    I want to tell you it gets better…it might. It might not. It sounds like you have an excellent perspective, approach, and amazing strength. More strength than even most of us chronic migraineurs at the 15-20 per month mark. Nasty business. I hate working when I have that many and basically can’t. Hat’s off-keep the posts coming…

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