Little DIY Decorating

Moving house means a whole new space to decorate and make my own! But decorating is kinda expensive when you add up all the little things you want, I mean NEED.

Today I’m gonna talk about my DIY entry board/shelving unit hybrid. i like this board because it is the last thing I see when I leave for the day so I like to keep things on it that keeps me motivated or makes me happy.

I got a picture frame from hobby lobby, painted it a  neutral color and drilled it to a cork board to make a single hanging unit. All in all coat about $10. I then hung it over a small shelving unit also from hobby lobby that’s an industrial galvanized metal that matches the rest of my decorating. The whole unit cost about $30 including the things on the shelf.

Untitled design

1. Some of my favorite bulletins from church, where the messages really spoke to me. Also is my welcome tab that lets me know I am apart of the NPCC team.

2. Some of the cards/ letters I got from my students last year. I did not realize I made such an impact of this many kids. & of course there are lots of kitties on them.

3. A note my old roomie, Ari left me. It  came along with this opal cross that I have on my bookself. She has no idea how much that meant to me.

4. A galvanized “K” in case I forget my name.

5. A signed ticket from that time I met Luke Bryan, and it’s the Southern/ App State game ticket I went with the man.

6. A need a little junk jar for when I get home. It has bobby pins, stamps, and movie tickets in it. Just keeps all the bobbles together.

So, this is just one of the few things I have done to brighten up my place. If you have any DIY projects I should do let me know!.

–XOXO Kiley

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