Things I Learned This Weekend

It was a very short weekend it seemed, filled with food and exercise, oh and rain! Lots of rain.

1. When you ask a waiter for no lettuce make sure they hear you.

2. Do not hike a huge rock in the rain, tends to get very slippery. Go figure.

3. Always have cash just in case.

4. Going to the gym with someone else always results in you being there longer then expected.

5. Watching the UGA game in public when you get your butt kicked, stinks.

6. I learned that it is possible to have a new favorite show, Gotham you’re amazing.

7. When washing clothes by hand have a drying rack for them to dry on. Duh.

8. Whenever you have guest your house always looks like a disaster in the end.

I am exhausted from this weekend but I had fun hiking, eating good food, and I even picked up a new hobby of bible journaling. It is awesome. Pictures to come soon!


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