Fall Entertainment!

I am not ashamed to admit that I am sucker for a great TV series. Sometimes not so great shows have a place in my heart, even if it is just background noise. So with last week bringing the new seasons of my favorite shows I figured I would give my first impressions briefly.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy – Pretty sure I am watching now out of obligations for McDreamy’s memory. Meredith is a whiney baby now and I can’t stand most of the main characters. #TeamYang
  2. Scandal- Olivia Pope, please stop being a whore and sleeping with a married man, it’s icky. Jake is way better, LEHDUH.
  3. Survivor- I love this show so much. I am excited for people to get a second chance, even though some of them I didn’t like the first time they played, but maybe that will change. Oh and let’s all start doing JOEGA!
  4. Amazing Race- I am so envious of the people who get to be on that show. I haven’t picked out a team I liked yet,but some people are whiney babies. & the guys who think they will flirt their way to the top, you’re icky.
  5. The Player- A new show all together, so the pilot is always more for informational purposes to set the stage for the action to insue. The plot seems kind of complicated but I am excited to see where it leads. Honestly, Philip Winchester is the main reason I watched, cause he is the man.
  6. The Big Bang Theory- Hello love it end of story. Amy and Sheldon breaking up was shocking, but the fact he had a ring shocked me more!
  7. Hero’s Reborn- I wanted to like this because I enjoyed Hero’s so much, but eh idk about it. Doesn’t seem like my cup of tea.
  8. Last Man Standing- Holy crap this show is hilarious! I love Tim Allen so much. End of story. It is great.

Other shows I am excited to start; Arrow, The Walking Dead, Da Vinci’s Demons!

So what shows do you love? Got a favorite character yet? Let me know below!

Most-Craved-Fall-TV-Preview-2015 (1)

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