Staying Grounded

There are so many times when I compare what I have to what others have, and think “why don’t I have that?” ” why isn’t my stuff as good as theirs?!” I can be the first to admit I envy people who have more money, or less bills, or have someone helping them. It made me sick when girls in college didn’t work, didn’t pay bills, and lived of their parents money. But ya know what, I’m way better off.

I’m in my early twenties and completely self sufficient. How many people can say that?! The roof over my head, I pay for that. The AC that keeps me from dying of a heat stroke, yep I pay for that too. The food in my belly, the gas in my car, the insurance I have for just in case moments, yep that’s all me. I have a apartment full of hand-me-down furniture from various family members and plastic cups and plates and I love it! When its time for me to have a family and husband I’m gonna know how to pay bills and budget money, cook and clean, have a savings account and how to handle the responsibility of a credit card, because I’m in the process of doing it all now. It’s all a balancing act and when someone is giving you all the money, or buying you everything you don’t learn those skills and instead learn to be dependent on everyone but yourself.

There are so many times I get lost in the things I don’t have, and ignore the things I’m blessed to have. So next time you’re down because you don’t have the newest or best things, take a moment to thank God for the things you do have. Because there is someone out there who prays for the things you do have.

When its time for me to have the nice things, the new things, I’ll know how to stay humble, because I know what it feels like to struggle and to not have the things I want.

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