Politics… Why you should care.

In today’s society, if you care about politics or even have an opinion, you’re portrayed in a less then flattering light. I can be the first to admit I have never really had an opinion about politics or politicians until recent years, but recently I’ve started doing my research and have formulated my opinions about candidates and their policies.

To me it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican or even support a 3rd party candidate, as long as you educate yourself and don’t let main stream media sway your opinion one way or another. I feel like Americans have turned into sheep and just go with what they are told, and then moan and groan when our politicians screw us over. Who do ya think put them in office? God forbid anyone do any real research about our soon to be president. You understand then person will be making political decision on your behalf and that effect you for the next two to four years right?! Going with the person the media approves of or that the majority of your demographic likes might not necessarily be the best option. When I back,an ultimately vote for a candidate, there are a few factors I research and can make or break a candidate for me.

  1.  What is their view on government assistance and if so what is their reform plan? ( food stamps,govt housing, etc)
  2. What is their history of voting on certain topics?! Are they consistent or do they flip flop?
  3. What is their history of helping out vets, and do they plan on helping them further during their time in office?
  4. What is their view on the 2nd amendment?
  5. Do they plan on raising taxes, and if so what is MY tax money going towards?!
  6. Do they support gay marriage?
  7.  Are they competent from a military perspective, to lead and protect our armed forces, or do they have the right people advising them about decisions effecting our military?
  8. Are they going to support the American people in all circumstance and do what’s best for the whole country, not just what benefits certain groups?
  9.  Do they vote for the benefits of certain religions more then others?
  10.  Can they build and maintain relationships with our allied countries?

I think there are tons of other factors someone could take into consideration when voting time comes, by why wait?! Why not start now and get ahead of the game? The president as well as all people with political power have control over some aspect over your life, whether big or small. Do your due diligence in selecting the candidate you would trust with making you choices. Don’t be a sheep.


–XOXO Kiley

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