Who Art Thou?

So, now that we are on the fast track to being BFF’s (ammmmiright?), I think you and I should get on some sort of personal level and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Like I said previously, I am 23. I live in a shoe box studio apartment in the big city of Atlanta, aka ‘LANTA according to my colorful neighbors with Charlie, my craigslist kitty. I am slowly learning the way to paying bills, not eating ramen every night, and attempting to save money for the Jeep of my dreams, all on my own. I am incredibly passionate about working, and earning my own money, even though I complain that I work ” for like eleven freaking hours a day.” In my spare time I troll pinterest for DIY ideas and cooking recipes for one, because left overs are too much of a commitment. I usually start my mornings with two things; a huge cup of coffee and the gym. I am a frequent shopper of Barnes & Nobles, and Trader Joe’s even though, it’s like really expensive. Recently I became a member of my first church, small group, and volunteer church program all at the same time. All of which are too monumental/ life changing, and deserve their own post ( stay tuned folks). If I were to describe myself in 25 words of less I would say:

Kiley, a sarcastic cancer with an unquenchable hunger for life, books, Jesus, & changing her hair color, who thinks KNOWS she is the funniest person on earth.

–XOXO Kiley

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