Oh Na Na, What’s My Name?

I feel like introducing myself is a bit unnecessary considering you, the reader, probably already know me, or you’re some random facebook friends I didn’t  know existed. Just to cover my bases here…….Hi, I’m Kiley. I am 23 living in Atlanta doing this whole “adult” thing. I don’t think my life is necessarily interesting enough to write about, so I plan on filing up my blog with post about; books, music, TV shows, DIY projects, cooking failures, life updates,health and fitness, spontaneous adventures, and most importantly my spiritual growth/ journey.

This is a bit out of my comfort zone and I am not a writer by trade so bare with me as I fumble my way through the paragraphs to come. So, with the disclaimer out there feel free to continue reading at your own risk.

–XOXO Kiley

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